Sheriff Clay N. Whittle

Sheriff Clay N. WhittleDear Citizen,

As public servants, we recognize the responsibility placed upon us. As your Sheriff, I work daily to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of our service.

The goal of this agency is to deliver law enforcement services in the highest professional manner possible. To that end, we utilize the concept of community policing. Community Policing means that we keep citizens involved and maintain open communication to assist us in keeping criminals off the streets.

Another key to our success has been our successful effort to gain accreditation. We are now one of only a few law enforcement organizations in the country to meet the standards necessary to gain the distinction of accreditation. We are also recognized as the first Sheriff's office accredited in the State of Georgia. Accreditation impacts citizens through consistency of services and professional delivery, and creates a work environment that is performance-based.

Please take advantage of the programs we offer. As we seek to keep crime under control and our neighborhoods safe, there is a key ingredient to our success and that is you. Get involved with your neighborhood watch, report crime, and never hesitate to call on us. We truly work for you.


Clay N Whittle