How Can I Qualify For A Credit Against My Fee?

REMINDER: Please remember that previously applied credits expire June 30. Please submit proper inspection documentation to prevent a discontinuation of any credits. if you have any questions, please contact 706-855-7246. 

A stormwater credit is a reduction in the monthly stormwater utility service fee. The overall goal of the County is to give a credit to property owners that are reducing the impact of stormwater generated by their property. By reducing the peak discharge of stormwater from their property, through either a retention or detention facility such as a pond, property owners are helping the County protect properties downstream by complying with the Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements, property owners are helping the County improve water quality. Columbia County is offering two types of credits for this assistance: Peak Flow Reduction Credit (also know as a pond credit) and NPDES Water Quality Credit. The maximum amount of credit available is 50% of the total stormwater utility monthly service fee.

It is the property owner or HOA/POA's responsibility to submit the appropriate Operation and Maintenance Inspection Report (Appendix C-1 or C-2) annually to continue receiving credit. Failure to submit the required information will result in discontinuation of the credit on the next billing cycle.

The Service Fee Credit Manual (PDF) provides guidance on the specific procedures to follow to receive the service credit and which appendix is needed.

If approved, your credit will appear on your next Stormwater Utility bill. If you have been denied, a letter will be sent to you explaining why you have not qualified for the credit. Please email our Customer Service Department or call our office at706-855-RAIN (7246) for additional information.

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