How often are properties reassessed?


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1. How often are properties reassessed?
2. How is fair market value determined?
3. How are real estate taxes calculated?
4. Can I obtain flood insurance if I am not in a flood zone ?
5. How can I protect myself and my property from flood hazards?
6. Is my property located in a flood zone?
7. Do I need a permit to clear and stump trees on my property?
8. What types of services does the Department of Family & Children Services (DFACS) provide?
9. How do I contact the Department of Family & Children Services (DFACS) for Columbia County?
10. What is my voting precinct?
11. Who are my State and U.S. House & Senate representatives?
12. Who is my Board of Education Representative?
13. When am I allowed to water my yard?
14. How may I obtain a sanitary sewer flow test?
15. How may I obtain a 24-hour water flow test?
16. Are there any future plans for water and/or sewer to be extended to my area?
17. What is the source of our drinking water?
18. Is our water safe to drink?
19. Why are there lines painted in my yard?
20. How do I have an address assigned?
21. If a road is assigned a name, does that mean the County is responsible for maintaining it?
22. Can I buy reflective address numbers from the County?
23. Where can I find a copy of the zoning ordinance?
24. How can I verify the zoning and permitted uses on my property?
25. Can I put a mobile home on my property?
26. Can I have chickens on my property?
27. What are my setbacks?
28. What can I do with my property as it is currently zoned?
29. How do I obtain a burn permit?
30. How often are dirt roads scraped?
31. How do I find out if my road is on the list of roads to be paved?
32. How do I get a "Children at Play" sign in my neighborhood?
33. How can I register for youth sports?
34. How can I report a complaint of animal abuse?
35. What can I bring to a concert?
36. Where can I find information about Lady Antebellum Pavilion and the Columbia County Amphitheater?
37. Where can I find information about events taking place at Evans Towne Center Park?
38. What are the requirements for posting address numbers for a duplex or other multi-family residence?
39. Why is my address being changed?
40. Who does the County notify when they change my address?
41. How can I make sure 911 has the correct address tied to my home phone number?
42. How is an address determined?
43. What is the address numbering system?
44. How is my address affected if I have multiple structures on my property?
45. What happens with addressing if a road crosses a County or city boundary?
46. What are the requirements for posting address numbers for a single family residence?
47. How should I post my address number if I live on a private drive?
48. Is it possible to have more than one address number assigned or displayed?
49. How do you decide if a roadway needs to be named?
50. How do you decide what name to give a roadway?
51. Can I start or disconnect my water service over the phone?
52. Will additions or renovations increase the value of my property?
53. What department is in charge of spraying for mosquitoes?
54. Who is responsible for the mowing of right-of-way in the County?
55. Our street light is out or is obstructed by tree limbs. Who do I call?
56. A tree fell across the stream behind my house. The stream also has a lot of trash and weeds in it and needs to be cleaned out. Who is in charge?