What is the due date for my water bill?


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1. What is the service area for stormwater billing?
2. What is the billing period for my stormwater bill?
3. What are the commercial water and sewer tap-in fees?
4. What are the residential water and sewer tap-in fees?
5. What are the current water and sewer rates?
6. What are the fees for laboratory testing services?
7. What is the cost of a fire hydrant meter?
8. Who can I call to check the status of a submitted invoice?
9. To what address should a Water Utility vendor submit an invoice?
10. How may I obtain a copy of the Water Specification book?
11. What are the septic tank dumping rates?
12. How are water and sewer rates established?
13. How are the sewer charges calculated?
14. Why does my first bill have a $40 previous balance?
15. In extenuating circumstances, can I make alternate arrangements for paying my account?
16. When are payments that are placed in the drop box credited to my account?
17. How can I make payments for my water bill after office hours?
18. What is the due date for my water bill?
19. When will I receive my water bill?
20. Where can I pay my bill online?
21. Can I setup an automatic draft for my water service?
22. If I had a leak, can my bill be adjusted?
23. What are the pretreatment surcharge fees?
24. What are the permit fees for water trucks and tank inspections?
25. What are the penalties for violating the FOG & Backflow Ordinance?
26. What are the fees for backflow prevention devices?
27. What is the inspection fee for a Fats, Oil, and Grease pumper truck?
28. What is the cost of an Engineering Department Specifications book?
29. What is the cost of a temporary water service?
30. What is the same-day water service set-up fee?
31. What is the water service set-up fee?
32. How long does it take for a submitted invoice to be paid?
33. What is the $50 set-up fee for water?
34. What does Water Utility accept for payment?
35. How Can I Qualify For A Credit Against My Fee?
36. Why am I being charged a stormwater fee?
37. How is the Stormwater Service Fee Calculated?
38. Who is the Stormwater Service Fee billed to?