How is the Stormwater Service Fee Calculated?


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1. What is the service area for stormwater billing?
2. What is the billing period for my stormwater bill?
3. Who decides on what should be acquired as greenspace or greenways?
4. Is Columbia County considering interconnectivity of bike and pedestrian facilities while planning greenways and trails?
5. If my land is reclassified as permanently protected greenspace through a conservation easement, does this mean that I have to permit public access?
6. What are the benefits and downside of a conservation easement to the landowner?
7. What is a conservation easement?
8. What are greenways?
9. What is greenspace?
10. Can I obtain flood insurance if I am not in a flood zone?
11. How can I protect myself and my property from flood hazards?
12. Is my property located in a flood zone?
13. What is a floodplain and how does it function?
14. What can I do to prevent water pollution?
15. How does polluted storm water affect me?
16. Where does rain water go after it enters a storm drain?
17. Can I partner with the County on water pollution prevention and stormwater quality outreach efforts?
18. Does the County offer educational presentations on water pollution prevention and/or stormwater quality?
19. Do I need a Land Disturbance Permit for a retaining wall, deck, or patio?
20. Do I need a permit to clear and stump trees on my property?
21. My lot didn’t require an Notice of Inspection. Do I still need a Notice of Termination inspection?
22. How do I schedule a Notice of Termination (NOT) inspection?
23. How soon can I get an E&S inspection?
24. How do I schedule an E&S inspection?
25. Who can I call about new construction or land disturbance complaints?
26. Who inspects land disturbance on construction sites?
27. Do I have a grease trap? Do I need a grease trap?
28. How do I clean my grease trap?
29. What is a grease interceptor?
30. What is a grease trap and how does it work?
31. Is grease a problem in our sewer system?
32. What can I do to help improve stormwater quality?
33. Doesn't Stormwater Runoff Go Into the Sanitary Sewer?
34. What is Stormwater Pollution Prevention?
35. How Can I Qualify For A Credit Against My Fee?
36. Why is a Stormwater Utility Necessary?
37. How can I tell the difference between a sewer and a storm drain?
38. A tree fell across the stream behind my house. The stream also has a lot of trash and weeds in it and needs to be cleaned out. Who is in charge?
39. Why am I being charged a stormwater fee?
40. How is the Stormwater Service Fee Calculated?
41. Who is the Stormwater Service Fee billed to?