Electronic Site Plan Submissions


The Columbia County Plan Review Department accepts site plans electronically from customers that have registered through the following process:

  • The submitter must register with the county through our Citizen Self-Service (CSS) program. Registering at this site will create an account that can be used to log in to CSS in the future to perform plan upload activities. NOTE: Some customers may already have a login if they have a business license with the county, or if they have submitted plans to our Building Standards Department in the past.
  • Registration follows the steps described in Citizen Self Service Registration for Plan Review (PDF).

Plan Submission

Once you have completed the registration process, you can log in to Citizen Self Service using your login and password. To open the form that permits you to upload plans and the associated documents, use the link that says "Plan Submission Form", then fill in the blanks and follow the directions on the form. The Plan Review Department will contact you regarding your plan submission.