Some situations warrant notification of people based on their physical location. Examples of these situations include missing persons, suspects at-large, hazardous material releases, dam failure, civil emergencies, water service interruptions, severe weather situations, and other important information. The CodeRED Emergency Notification System, often referred to as "Reverse 911", provides us with map-driven communication that combines phone and GIS data to deliver incident-related information or instruction to targeted audiences. This system also has TTY/TTD capabilities, ensuring messages are delivered to the hearing impaired.

CodeRED already includes both public and unlisted landline telephone data. However, citizens and business owners must register mobile phones, VoIP phones (voice over IP or internet phones) or email addresses in order to receive these notifications based on validated county addresses. Please follow the following instructions to register these devices.

  • Browse to CodeRED to sign up.
  • Fill in the fields for your contact information. Note: Only those who have not previously registered with Columbia County need to complete the registration link. Also, you only need to register Mobile phones, SMS texting, VoIP phones, and email addresses. All landlines (published and unlisted) are already included in our notification system.
  • Severe weather alerts are selected by default. Just deselect any notifications you do not want to receive.
  • Once you check the box stating that you agree with the terms and conditions, click 'Verify Information' to continue your registration. You can create a 'Managed Account' with a password or you can just submit your information.
  • If you added an email address, you will receive an email confirmation from "". Note: (an email address is not mandatory to register with this system unless you choose to have a 'Managed Account').
  • Notifications received on your phone will display the following numbers on your caller ID. Please add these numbers to your mobile phones so that you will know that CodeRED is notifying you:
    • General notifications affecting your residence: 855-969-4636
    • Emergency notifications affecting your residence: 866-419-5000
    • Weather warning alerts in your area: 800-566-9780